Triumph in the News

November 30th 2018: Triumph In The News 

Triumph proudly rolled out the new-for-2019 Street Twin and Street Scrambler in Portugal last week, giving motorcycle journalists from around the world an opportunity to experience the significant upgrades to two of our most beloved and successful models. With improvements made across the board – more power, improved handling, stronger brakes, more advanced technology, enhanced style – both models are better in nearly every way. Here’s a sample of what they had to say (click the publication’s name to share the full article):'s John Burns:

“Torquey little machines like these, with their upright ergonomics, are near-perfect tools for unwinding country backroads.”

“Whether you’re just tooling around town or attacking the countryside, fuel delivery is impeccable, power delivery is linear, five-speed gearboxes are perfectly fine, and the slip-assist clutch works well and has a very light lever pull.”

“For Triumph and its Street Twin and Street Scrambler, what’s old is also new again, and the virtues of these bikes’ simplicity and ease of use are being rediscovered by a whole new generation of riders…Not only are they both surprisingly sporty, they’re also both excellent, economical do-everything motorcycles.”


Revzilla’s Steve Kamrad:

“Once you start to ride the Street Twin aggressively, you can imagine yourself on the cover of Café Racer Magazine, leaning forward, urging the bike to go faster and faster on country roads in a 3/4 helmet and aviator goggles.”

“The Scrambler wants to be a motorcycle. Just a standard motorcycle you can ride on any legal (and maybe not registered) road surface you can find, with the riding position and styling cues you want from a scrambler and the freedom you can only get from two wheels and an upright riding position.”


The Bike Shed’s Rich Taylor:

“This thing sounds like a hot rod and goes like one. I love it and couldn’t help but rev it out whenever the chance arose.”

“The bouncy bits on both bikes are brill, and that’ll be the cartridge kit. I can’t recall a single bump or section of road which upset either bike, and we were not exactly riding slowly over road surfaces that were, at times, impressively bad.”

“I’ll cut to the chase with the Scrambler – it’s a total breeze to ride. Triumph bang on about a “confidence inspiring ride” and they’re spot on.”

“Anyway, job done by Triumph, I’d say. Two great bikes in their own right just got undeniably better in a multitude of ways – more power, more toys, improved looks.”


Ultimate Motorcycling’s Don Williams:

“The Triumph Street Twin has always been a great urban motorcycle, and the newly tuned motor makes it even more effective.”

“It’s a fun motorcycle to hustle through the corners, as it is not intimidating and has a predictable nature during acceleration, braking, and cornering.”

“With a faster motorcycle, better braking is essential, and the new Brembo caliper up front does that. It has an excellent feel, with a soft bite and the maximum stopping power needed.”

“The 2019 Triumph Street Twin is one of those smile-inducing motorcycles that appeals to a wide variety of riders. Newer riders will love the friendliness of the Street Twin, while experienced riders can appreciate how few demands the motorcycle puts on the pilot. The styling is understatedly attractive, delivering the look of a classic motorcycle without being self-consciously retro. It is a wonderfully balanced and capable motorcycle that understands its purpose. The best-selling Street Twin just put more demands on the competition.”